Entreprises du St-Laurent – ESL

From new building to renovation, ESL does it all.

We started with a specialized quoting system. Based on a smallest unit value system, the software transform any employee in a experienced quote specialist.  We get live expected profit, support documents production, material order and team load prediction. Fun part, its 100% customizable by the client. This brought also a client list which have been exploded in a CRM later on.

The salesman could now do there own quotation, and manage minimally there sales pipeline. The next priority for the client was production.

The detailed work quote was easy to transform in project. So we created a custom project management system following our own experience and the particular of ESL company work flow. The client wanted real time overview, cost management, improvement opportunities as well as the normal day to day management of teams and client communications.

The last part have been to connect the data on there old accounting system.

Overall, ESL’s software is predicting revenue, warning on risky sales, comparing quarters and improving the life of every employee.