Fast delivery with AGILE

We start with fast delivery of your smallest profitable need. From there, we do constant small releases as you learn your priority, and we learn your processes.

Accessible anywhere

We do web base software. It means no installation on employee computers, no maintenance or security update. All they need is a browser and an account. You choose who accesses what, in the Roles pannel.


Our platform is tailored made for business application. Security against remote attacks as well as the users is a priority. We will not let anyone access any unauthorized data.

Proven technologies

Our platform is made with the most used technologies to provide a reliable and durable software. You are also the sole owner of the software we make for you. This assures continued availability whatever happens.


By default, all our apps are accessible from any platform or screen size. It is also very easily complemented with a phone apps if you so desire.

We know what we are doing

We are senior developer and business analyst but the we choose to stay small. We like to offer personalized services and build relationship with our clients. Nothing is impossible, and we know how to do it !

We also LOVE paper and pen !

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